Watch our outreach member Kyle Tsang interview our assistant director Priya Kiran; along with conversations about filmmaking and Asian representation within the entertainment industry!

Priya Khanolkar visited PEO Chapter LZ, bringing with her vibration and enthusiasm.

Outside the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Film Center in New York City, warm spring weather greeted a long line of audience members, who gathered for the annual Fusion Film Festival competition screening. Currently in its 17th year, Fusion is New York University’s premier student-run festival dedicated to celebrating women in film, television, and new media.

Against the backdrop of the #MeToo and TIME’S UP movements, this year’s theme “Where Change Begins” will celebrate diversity and inclusion efforts and honor the artists and storytellers changing the entertainment industry.

Q&A with  with star and co-writer of Jennifer Reede’s new film “Signature Move”, Fawzia Mirza. Moderated by Fusion Co-Directors Priya Khanolkar and Rachel Lambert. This event marks the opening of submissions to Fusion Film Festival, NYU’s premier student-run film festival promoting the works of women in film, TV, and new media.

Priya Khanolkar, a 2015 graduate of Keokuk High School, recently received word that her film, “Eleutheromania,” will be shown on Nov. 19th at the first National Communication Association Film Festival in Las Vegas.